Photos of the Phu Lam Signal Facility, Vietnam
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Photos of the Phu Lam Signal Base, Vietnam

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Welcome to the Phu Lam Photo Web Site
First off, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to submit their photos.
If you have any photos to contribute or to upgrade/add to previously submitted pictures,
please get them scanned and submitted. We accept all Phu Lam related photos.
Report any problems like broken links, incorrect captions, people not identified or mis-identified.
To report a problem please include the name of the Phulamer who took the picture, the index number of
the photo and the two or three letter code that is in the upper right hand corner of the photo.
That code never changes and uniquely identifies each picture.
There are three main pages of links to the photos.
----------- 1) PhuLamer (by Year) -----------
This is most useful if you want to view photos taken during a particular time period (like your tour)
or to see how the facility changed over the years. Because it is sorted by the first year of the
PhuLamer's tour, you must also check the prior years for those
tours that extended into the year you are most interested in.
----------- 2) PhuLamer (by Last Name) -----------
This is an alphabetical list of those who contributed photos. You can quickly locate photos from
PhuLamers you remember.
In the two lists above, the links are divided into 3 groups:
(1) Phu Lam, (2) Affiliates and Other Units and (3) Present Day Photos.
Each PhuLamers' pictures are organized with highest quality, most interesting ones shown first.
Priority is given to those showing the facility rather than pictures of people. Lesser quality pictures,
duplicates of similar photos and closeups of people are next with documents at the very end.
Hint: If you are looking for a photo of someone, start at bottom of the last page.
Most of those type pictures will be there.
----------- 3) Buildings/Areas ------------
These photos were selected to best represent what Phu Lam looked like over the years and how it
changed. Only the most interesting pictures are include here. There are thousands of pictures
that were not used because of their lower quality or they duplicated what is seen in a better
photo. Although B&W pictures can look very nice, if available a color picture was selected instead.
Also included are links to General Interest photos with a common theme like Entertainment
(USO Shows), Pets & Animals, PhuLamers Goofing Around, Unusual Events and Camera Shy photos.
The Building/Area photos are sorted by the date they were taken. If you see two sets of dates,
the first one is the presumed date range the photo was probably taken and the second set is the
actual tour of the PhuLamer. Also added to the photo caption is the direction the photo was taken.
The rest of the links are lists that will help you find photos/information that might be of interest to you.
----------- What's New -----------
Check here to see what new pictures or information has been added since your last visit.
----------- PhuLamers Identified by Name in a Photo -----------
Looking for a picture of yourself or a friend? Other that scanning through all 9000+ photos
this is the best place for that. Note that this list is manually generated and subject to error and
will probably never be 100% accurate.
----------- Phu Lam Photo Caption Data Base -----------
This is a list of all the photo captions. Using your WEB Browsers' built in search feature (CTRL-F) or
(Command-F) on MAC, you can search for key words that lead to photos of interest to you.
You can use it to locate names of people but you should use the list above first.
You will get lots of false matches with this list.
The Affiliates and Other Units are grouped together at the bottom of the list.
They are sorted by where they were taken with the Affiliates listed first.
Use this part of the list to find pictures taken at a unit of interest to you.
Note: This is a large database and can take quite a while to load.
If you have a slow internet connection, contact us for suggestions
on how to speed things up on your system.
----------- Phu Lam Roster -----------
Unlike our main site ( this is a single, complete list of every name we have
identified. This includes those who have checked in, names found on documents, those who have
passed away and Vietnamese nationals who worked at Phu Lam.
Also included are those non-PhuLamers who have contributed pictures of the facility.
----------- Phu Lam Videos -----------
You will find all the videos that are on YouTube here.
You can download a copy of a photo by right_clicking on it and selecting the
"Save Image as..." option. If that does not work, you can also use the 'print screen' key
on your keyboard then cropping the picture with any photo editor program.
The pictures are highly compressed, and although they look pretty good at the displayed
size it you try to enlarge or print them, the quality degrades quickly.
If you have a few favorite photos you would like high quality copies of, contact us
and we will email you the best quality we have.
If you are interested in a full set of the high quality photos, they are available on a
USB Flash/Thumb drive. You supply the USB drive and return postage.
The photo collection will no longer fit on a data disc.
For information about Phu Lam in general contact:
Howard Hickman
For information about this web site contact:
Bill Skaggs
Be sure and mention "Phu Lam" in the subject of your message.
NOTE: If you have not received any Phu Lam email digests lately or you have never registered,
you will need to update your email address. Contact Howard Hickman.