Photos of the Phu Lam Signal Facility, Vietnam
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Photos of the Phu Lam Signal Base, Vietnam

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           National Museum of the United States Army

National Museum of the U.S. Army

In late October, Joe Rokus suggested we do “something” to commemorate Phu Lam at the National Museum of the U.S. Army at Ft. Belvoir, VA, that is now under construction. We sent out a survey to see who might be interested in supporting this project, how much money we might be able to raise and what we should do with the donations. Based on the enthusiastic responses, we decided to go ahead, and we started working with the Museum. Bob Van Pelt then volunteered to be the middle-man to receive the checks and forward them to the Museum, keep track of the donations, send out Thank Yous, etc. (A BIG help!)

We set a deadline of December 15, 2018, for receiving donations, and here is the status. A total of 69 PhuLamers pitched in, and we raised $6,885. We decided to use that amount to get a large Unit Tribute Plaque ($5,000) to commemorate all the PhuLamers who served at Phu Lam and a large Commemorative Brick ($500) to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country while stationed at Phu Lam.

We also decided to donate the “surplus” to the Museum’s general construction fund. If you still wish to participate you can make a donation directly to the museum.

Below are the names of the PhuLamers who made all of this possible. On behalf of all the PhuLamers, we extend a BIG, SPECIAL THANK YOU to them!!!

Daniel Anderson, Donald Bauer, Stephen Bledsoe, James Bridger, Karl Buder, Michael Campbell, Joe Cascio, Howard Clark,

Richard Coleman, Paul "Dick" Cooper, Paul Davis, John "Tom" Davis, Bill Denton, Charles Dickerson, Paul Donohue,

Paul Dubinsky, Paul Duignan, Frank Duke, Jr., Barry Einsig, Larry Faubert, Gary Fessler, Ed Fisher, Sam Fredo,

Bob Freeman, Rick Gilbert, Glenn Godward, Stan Grieco, Robin Hallford, Raymond Hartman, Mike Hay, Howard Hickman,

Melissa Hill, Frank Howland, Jr., Dale Kliethermes, Ralph Lanham, Thomas Lassek, Dave Lawton, Raymond Liverzani,

Doug Mabie, Joe Machado, John Martin, John Martoccia, Terry McCall, Jim Merritt, Richard Miskovsky, Robert Motley,

Patrick Murray, Yukio Otsuka, Jose Padilla, Wyman Pilcher, Dan Portaro, Chris Powell, Phil Rains, Mel Rice,

Josef Rokus, Duane Rostberg, Harry Rush, Terrence Schwinge, Bill Seater, Bob Simpson, Bill Skaggs, Dennis Smith,

Bob Speare, Larry Terpstra, Bob Teters, Max Timberlake, Jr., Bob Van Pelt, Dave Wilson, J. Scott Wimmer

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