Photos of the Phu Lam Signal Facility, Vietnam
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Photos of the Phu Lam Signal Base, Vietnam

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1st Signal Brigade Association
Facebook Page
Organization New Letter
The Professionals: History of the Phu Lam, Vietnam U.S. Communications Base
by Joe Rokus, Phu Lam 3/67-2/68
Phu Lam Today - Satellite Map
The only features remaining are the Tape Relay, Adminstration, Data Relay
and the AUTODIN buildings along with the south most Troposcatter Antenna.
The tall Pagoda east of Phu Lam and the one across from Hwy 4 still exist.
Entitlement to service connection for post traumatic stress (PTSD)
One PhuLamers efforts to receive benefits
Another PhuLamers efforts to receive PTSD benefits
PhuLamers application for correction of military records
Dos & Don'ts for Travelers in Vietnam
TET II - The Battle of West Saigon (May 5-12, 1968)
Book: Vietnam Studies, Communications-electronics, 1962-1970
Excerps from the book with history of Phu Lam
Edward Anthony Zipeto Web Site
Headquarters 369th Signal Battalion, Phu Lam, Vietnam
Biography for Richard Joseph Lacey (from POW Network)
REL 2600 Troposcatter Radio Equipment in Phu Lam, Vietnam
6 Things You May Not Know About the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Why Were Vietnam War Vets Treated Poorly When They Returned?
1999 - Our Phu Lam Angel (Connie Chronister) searching for Phu Lam Vets
At the time there were only 100 people on the roster. We now have almost 6000
(Search for Phu Lam when the page opens)
Howard Hickman's imported Cyclo page (2008)
Operational Report - Lessons Learned (25 March 1970)
Facebook - 1st Sig Bg - Phu Lam (Long Binh Receiver Site)
Teletype Paper Tape Punch
These are manufactured by the National Band and Tag Company
and are still available today. Probably the main use (and why they can still be purchased)
is for attaching the spurs to a foot of a fighting rooster.
Getting the Message Through (Chapter 10)
A Branch History of the U.S. Army by Rebecca Robbins Raines
Rach Cat Fort - The Largest French-Built Strategic Fort In Vietnam (Phu Lam mentioned)
(PDF Download)
Veterrans Network - Phu Lam Signal Facility
One of Howard Hickman's original posts searching for Phu Lam Vets.
(After the page loads, press Ctrl-F and search for "Phu Lam")
Record of a PhuLamer getting is DD-214 updated
Nov 2021 - Bob Van Pelt (2/70-2/71) awarded NYS Senate Liberty Medal
My Cahn Floating Resturant Bombing June 25, 1965
Yukio Otsuka Biography (Commanding Officer 71-72)
Hoi Duc-Any Orphanage
Video interview with Ron Buchanan (67-68)
Internet Home for Veterans of the 1st Signal Brigade
Blog discussing Phu Lam from a Vietnamese National' point of view.
(Use Google to translante the Vietnamese to English)