Photos of the Phu Lam Signal Facility, Vietnam
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Photos of the Phu Lam Signal Base, Vietnam

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New Contributers/Additions
May 2023
Motor Pool Plaque from 71-72
Spotted by Eric Randau, a member of the 1SB Association
at the Vietnam Memorial in Angel fire, NM
Larry Back (69-70) added 1 new picture
Steve Burval (70-71) added 4 new pictures
Richard 'Rick' Lai (66-67) added 11 new pictures to his collection
Charles 'Chuck' Smith (65-66) submitted his photos
April 2023
Added 60 Hoi Duc-Anh orphanage photos
(Scroll down to the 'General Interest' section)
November 2022
2023 Phu Lam (1SBA) Reunion at Kansas City, MO (9/19 - 9/24)
September 2022
TET-68, added a photo of ARVN troups patrolling in Phu Lam village
Robert English (67-68) posthumously added 1 photo
May 2022
Added 2 nice Aerial Views of Phu Lam taken in
late 1964 or very early 1965
(Pictures # 4 & 5)
February 2022
Dennis Sheehan 68-69, submitted pictures
First one to have photos of the Main Power Plant Control Room
John Forster 70-71, submitted pictures
Dave Montcalm 68-69, submitted pictures
Added a new page for the "French IndoChina War"
These are photos that are identified as having been taken during the
French IndoChina War and Phu Lam is mentioned in the photo caption.
There is not way to confirm that they are our Phu Lam and most likely are not.
November 2021
Added photo #37 to the Internet photo page.
Taken in 1975 showing bombing damage near Phu Lam
April 2021
Added ADK Tech Control pictures to Building/Areas section
Charles S. Smith submitted a new photo
February 2021
Merced "Beaner" Buentello 68-71, submitted pictures
Dan Portaro 70-71 added new pictures
Dan Portaro 70-71 added an Affiliate picture
November 2020
John Burton 70-71 (via his son John Jr.) submitted 17 pictures
Also has 1 Ba Queo photo
If you remember anything about the Flag shown in one of his photos
please contact Howard Hickman
October 2020
John Morgan 68-69 Added 32 pictures
If you remember anything about the MP 92nd BN PHU LAM DET
please contact Bill Skaggs
----- August 2020 -----
My Canh (Floating Restaurant Terrorist Attack) Added two pictures.
----- July 2020 -----
Tony Damico (68) Philco Ford Employee (58 Pictures)
----- June 2020 -----
Jerry L. Smith (69-70) New PhuLamer
Added selected photos of AUTOSEVOCOM, Ba Queo, Long Binh Rx Site
and Regional Comm Group to the Buildings/Areas page.
------ May 2020 ------
Grant 'Noddy' Knuckey 69 (Australian) added LB RX site photos
Joseph Padilla 68-69 added 4 new pictures
Paul Davis (63-65) added 3 new pictures
Added "My Canh Floating Resturant" Terrorist Attack (AP Video)
------ April 2020 -----
Walter Crowe (70-71) AUTOSEVOCOM, added 14 pictures
2020 Reunion Postponed.
Due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19), the Executive Board
of the 1st Signal Brigade Association, in the best interest of our
members, has decided to postpone the 2020 Reunion until further
notice. The Board did not make this decision lightly
------ March 2020 ------
Added a segment from "The Vietnam War" by Ken Burns (Episode 6)
(Phu Lam mentioned)
Charles Nelson (67) added 6 pictures
Added two Present Day Photos (Hwy4 Pagoda & Park)
------ FEBURARY 2020 ------
Reunion Update
Our next reunion (held in conjunction with the 1st Signal Brigade) will be this
Sept 9 to Sept 13, 2020 at a hotel in Crystal City, VA, near Washington DC.
The reunion site will be close to the soon to open U.S. Army Museum.
Final details are still being worked out. Scheduled events are:
Friday evening, Sept 11, Phu Lam group meeting
Saturday afternoon, Sept 12, Tour of the New Museum
Saturday evening, Sept 12. 1st Sig Bde banquet dinner inside the museum
Registration and other events will be announced when finalized.
Many thanks to PhuLamer Bob Motley who had done a lot of work
with the 1st Sig Bde reunion committee. Bob has been to all our Phu Lam
reunions and coordinated the last Phu Lam dinner in San Antonio, TX.
For more information, contact Howard Hickman
------ JANUARY 2020 -----
Added 1966 Aerial Film (official US Army Film)
Charles "Chuck" Nelson (67) submitted pictures (via his daughter)
Fixed Caption Database (Affiliates did not show where the photo was taken)
Steve Burval (70-71) New picture
Nyle Smith (71-72) New PhuLamer
Frank Garza (68-70) New PhuLamer, added 1 photo
Paul Donohue (71) added 1971 Thanksgiving Menu photos
Gary Kalbfleisch (66) added two photos
Added "Affiliates and Other Units" to the "PhuLamer (by Last Name) page
JULY 2019
Ron Pasisz (66-67) New PhuLamer (has 2 never seen before photos)
71-72 Barney Giza added more pictures
JUNE 2019
Added the Photo Caption Database (for searching)
MAY 2019
Edward Zipeto (69-70) Has a never seen before photo
John Yoder (68-69) Added Regular and Affiliate Unit pictures
Rodger Biggs (70) New photo
Fixed problem with Larry Terpstra (67-68) Page 1 was missing
Added more PhuLamer photos to the "Affiliates and Other Units" section
New Video "Capitol & St George Hotel BEQ's (Now & Then)
Tommie Cheek (64-65) New PhuLamer
Jim Dauner (70) New Photos
Added Before and After pictures (bottom of the Building Page)
Added "Buildings and Areas" (similar to the Photo Disc)
Bernard Master (69-70) Phu Lam Doctor, added photos
Add link to the US ARMY Museum
October 2018
Add Phu Lam Reunion group photos
Clyde Wood (69-70) New PhuLamer
APRIL 2018
Joseph Padilla (68-69) added one photo
Thomas Grimes (71-72) added one photo
MARCH 2018
Added the Phu Lam Roster
Added List of People Named in a Photo
Febrauay 2018
Added "Affiliates and Other Units" to the "PhuLamer (by Year) page
Add a link to the Phu Lam YouTube Videos
Luis Gonzales (68-69) New PhuLamer
---- Pictures submitted after Jan 2014 (the last major DVD mailing) ----
Barlis, Glenn (68-69) Faubert, Larry 1 (68-69) Joy, Mike (68-69) Ramage, Mike (68-69)
Benson, Joe (68) Faubert, Larry 2 (68-69) Kissell, Charles (68-69) Schwinge, Terry (66-67)
Bohm, Robert (66-67) Faubert, Larry 3 (68-69) Krumpelman, John (68) Smith, Charles S. (70)
Bozeman, Bob (67-68) Giza, Barney (71-72) Lester, Ron (68-69) Smith, Frank (64-65)
Burlette, Gary (68-69) Harris, Elliott (72) McDavit, Keith (63-64) Stahr, Ted (68)
Carroll, Ed (64-65) Heath, Bill (69-70) McKimmy, Chuck (66-67) Timberlake, Max 1 (67-68)
Cooper, Paul 'Dick' 1 (66-67) Hernandez, Lucien (68-69) Motley, Robert 1 (69-70) Timberlake, Max 2 (67-68)
Cooper, Paul 'Dick' 2 (66-67) Hoover, John (69-70) Motley, Robert 2 (69-70) Vanderpool, Roger (71)
Cooper, Paul 'Dick' 3 (66-67) Howland, Frank (66-67) Motley, Robert 3 (69-70) Wimmer, Scott (68-69)
Cornejo, Horacio (70) Jackson, Milton 1 (67-68) Nemet, Joseph (62-64) Wolf, Jim (68-69)
Cribbet, Bob (62-64) Jackson, Milton 2 (67-68) Norton, David (70) Wyer, Roger (68-69)
Dahl, Richard (69) Johnston, Jim (68-69) Padilla, Joseph (68-69)
Duarte, Anthony (67-68) Jones, Alan (69-70) Posic, Tim (71)
Duignan, Paul (67-68) Jones, William 'Paul' (68) Powell, Chris (71-72)